The Magical Christmas Reunion

What if I told you Santa Claus has an identical twin brother; would you believe me?

magical christmas reunion

A Word From The Authors

We want to thank you for visiting our website and supporting our first book “The Magical Christmas Reunion.” If you are like us, you also love the magic that comes along during the Holiday season and you delight in seeing a child’s face light up when they get the toy(s) they wished for the entire year.

Santa Claus is near and dear in our hearts and we hope you will welcome his identical twin brother Elvel with open arms with hopes that he will also be a part of your Holiday traditions. As we introduce Elvel to the world, we also want to encourage people to pursue their dreams and work to use their GOD given gifts for opportunities to serve others.

We believe by living through purpose we will all have fulfilling and memorable lives.

GOD Bless

Triandos and Samaria Luke

“Triandos L Luke and Samaria L Luke’s children’s early chapter book, The Magical Christmas Reunion, is a charming, sweet, heartwarming Christmas story. Following the paths of twin brothers separated at birth, the reader will warm to the characters, hoping that the one bent on greed and selfish desires will see the light. Accompanied by bright, boldly colorful illustrations, the simple language of the text will lure the reader comfortably into this engaging story. The descriptive narratives and the compelling dialogue help set the stage and move the story forward. What a wonderful ‘what-if’ scenario the authors present. The plot develops well, leaving readers with a sense of wonder as they anticipate if, when, and where these brothers might re-connect. With well structured descriptive narrative, the settings are well presented and the dialogue is both believable and engaging. I loved the story and the plausibility of a ‘twin’ connection (no pun intended) to the Santa story.” —

More Reviews From Our Readers

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“My kids and I both loved this book!” “Who knew Santa Claus had an identical twin brother he didn’t even know he had”

“This book is an Awesome and Fun read for anyone that loves the magic that comes with the Holidays!” “This book keeps you on your toes wanting more with each passing page”

“Since my purchase, this is definitely my kids’ go to book.” “They can’t get enough of Elvel and Santa and want me to read it to them every night!”

“I love Christmas stories and its characters, and this has quickly become one of my favorites. No doubt, this will become a staple in our Christmas reunion.”